A Romantic Comedy
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     Alyssa Walworth is young, polished, wealthy, and drop dead gorgeous. And Jake Dombrowski couldn’t be more in love, so in love that Alyssa’s got him going every-which-way in her quest to have the perfect Beverly Hills wedding.
     Gideon and Conrad, Jake’s best friends, see the pending nuptuals as little more than the first step to a divorce. They try to convince Jake in the usual manner, get him drunk and pound it into his head that Alyssa is bad news from the get-go, but fail. Jake is too much in love to listen.
     So, best friends kidnap Jake the night of his bachelor party, chain him to the radiator in the home of porn star, Jailbait Jordan; and do everything in their power to convince him otherwise.
     And it doesn’t work out in any way, anyone expected.


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“I laughed until I got sick of laughing, then I laughed some more.”

“Very Funny. Mr. Stevens has a gift for making characters come alive. This would make a great movie.”

“Enjoyed the multiple point of views, and really felt for Jake, damn those friends of his! Funny read, I was sad when it ended!”

“Was very surprised by the end to have chuckled, nearly cried, and totally enjoyed every single bit of the book.”

“The writing reminded me of a Southern California version of Damon Runyon. Each character is quirky and misguided but still lovable in their own sometimes barely perceptible way. A few interesting twists in the end of a quick and witty story.”