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It has been said more than once that writers see the world from different angles and I’m no exception. I pride myself in writing entertaining, laugh-out-loud, you won’t-figure-it-out, page-turning whodunits with my Richard Sherlock series. My R-rated Whupped novels are not only funny, but delve into the modern day relationship issues of both men and women. And I have one serious novel, Hell No, We Won’t Go, which explores an era long past through the eyes of a college quarterback. If you don’t believe me check out the reviews or read sample chapters of each of my work.

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Without question, “The Case Of The not So Fair Trader“, just blew me away. I have to admit from the very first page with the snappy and irreverent dialog I was addicted.

The Ninth Richard Sherlock Whodunit has arrived

The Case of the Missing Milk Money

The Case of the Murdered Mariner

The Bad News: A rich guy drowns off the back of his yacht. Sherlock can’t find the killer or discover the motive. Kelly is learning how to drive. Herman is coaching Care in the finer points of computer gaming. Tiffany gets ghosted. Sherlock’s beloved 1992 Toyota Tercel dies a horrible death. Sherlock’s back goes out again. Ouch!

The Good News: Sherlock rises above poverty level; he’s finally in the money! Tiffany gets yet another new car. Mr. Richmond saves six-million-dollars (minus the cost of Tiffany’s newest Mercedes).

Sherlock’s back is finally cured. And best of all, Sherlock finds a girlfriend!.

Here’s Something New and Different

The Musical Comedy Stage Play


With Book and Lyrics by Jim Stevens and Music by Ryan McNally.

It’s Monty Python meets the Book of Mormon, only funnier. With over 40 songs, toe-tapping tunes, and hundreds of jokes. Audiences will be laughing until it hurts.

We’re working on getting it on a stage, somewhere, sometime, in 2023. It’s gonna be a smash hit. The one thing America desperately needs right now is two hours of silly fun and laughter and JESUS GOT A GIRLFRIEND will fill that need ten-fold. I’ll be keeping you posted on our progress.