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It has been said more than once that writers see the world from different angles and I’m no exception. I pride myself in writing entertaining, laugh-out-loud, you won’t-figure-it-out, page-turning whodunits with my Richard Sherlock series. My R-rated Whupped novels are not only funny, but delve into the modern day relationship issues of both men and women. And I have one serious novel, Hell No, We Won’t Go, which explores an era long past through the eyes of a college quarterback. If you don’t believe me check out the reviews or read sample chapters of each of my work.

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Without question, “The Case Of The not So Fair Trader“, just blew me away. I have to admit from the very first page with the snappy and irreverent dialog I was addicted.

Now Available!

The Eighth Richard Sherlock Whodunit:

The Case of the Missing Milk Money

The Case of the Comatose CEO

The Case of the Comatose CEO is the crazy eight of the Richard Sherlock series.

Crazy? You-betcha!  Starting with chauffeur Sherlock saving Tiffany’s hot date at a corporate soiree, and for his reward, Sherlock gets pricked, plucked, and probed for possible poisoning. The investigation’s even nuttier with the coma victim disappearing, a demented dad, a sister in rehab, and Sherlock’s daughter Kelly falling in love. Toss in Otto the Oaf, Carnack the Crippler, Wait Jack Wayt in the cold and flu season, Tiffany being a brat, and Sherlock’s famous Turkey Palooza leftovers from Thanksgiving, and you have a recipe for craziness only Richard Sherlock could figure out.

The Sequel has finally arrived.

The Case of the Missing Milk Money

Whupped Too

As WHUPPED explored the questions concerning the limits of love, WHUPPED TOO delves into just how far we’ll go to achieve the love we want and believe we deserve.

The stories begin with Jake’s career trashed, Kay’s new business picking up, Gideon’s going legit, and Conrad becoming the Beverly Hills Surgeon of the Year.  Plus, Farrin is exploring her creative side, LaRue is going broke, and Alyssa’s star is rising with the help of her new agent, Buck.

And as their paths crisscross and collide, each in their own way, shape, and form, find themselves getting WHUPPED TOO.

What could go wrong with all these scenarios?

Most everything.