The Case of the Dearly Departed is far from being Sherlock’s lucky number seven.

Sherlock has a Diehard Cub fan’s decomposed body that refuses to stay dead, a skip tracer who can’t trace or skip, two battling ex-wives living in the same house, and two daughters who have gone AWOL from their nose-to-butt summer camp.

Toss in a contested will, bad art, real estate superstar Titi Poon, the music of the Scumbag Death Cult, and Tiffany’s silent treatment, and it’s no wonder that Sherlock’s bad back is getting worse.

And just so you know, certain instances in this novel are based on actual facts and events, others not so much.


The Case of the Dearly Departed is fun, twisting and turning, mystery romp, which will keep you guessing and laughing until the final page.